Chicken Tikka Masala


3-4 20mins

According to the annals of history, the Mughal Emperor Babur had his chicken deboned and cut into bite size morsels (tikkas) before marinating and then having it all gently tandoor flamed. Such an elegant start for this most sophisticated of curries. So tell, who then thought to poach these succulent morsels in such a complimentary sauce? Many lay claim, the tales are varied, and the truth becomes unclear. Frankly who can be too worried about such details when there is a Chicken Tikka Masala to be prepared? Street Kitchen now offers you the opportunity to bring your own style to the world renowned Chicken Tikka Masala. In our mix of key ingredients you will find we have added a pinch of the most vibrant and distinctive of all spices – Kashmiri chili, highly valued for both its color and taste. Enjoy.

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