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Street Kitchen Texas Style BBQ



Texas is world-renowned for its smokey, juicy and delicious slow BBQed meats – some may say it’s the Texan pride and joy! It is more than a weekly Sunday ritual over blazing coals. Each recipe has stood the test of time; handed down through generations, gaining more and more flavor and technique. Texas is a beef-eating, wood smoking state with a knack for spiced meat rubs and gooey finishing sauces. It’s no wonder people travel far and wide to get a taste of famous Texan BBQ.

Street Kitchen Chef’s have studied, tested and retested iconic Texan family recipes so we can bring the taste of Texas to your home. You don’t need to be a BBQ pit master to create great Texas BBQ – our easy 2 step option can be used in BBQ or in an oven – impress your family tonight.

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