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Jamaican Jerk Chicken


3-4 20mins

Turquoise waters wash into sunshine blue skies and lap onto golden beaches. The mountains offer an endless canvas in canopies of green above a limestone wash. It’s Jamaica, and at the end of the day all this beauty can make a person mighty hungry. Fortunately the locals know good food and if you stay a while you will be able to sample the diverse cuisines of this island’s people. No surprise that the national motto ‘Out of Many, One People’ is reflected in the foods sold from so many restaurants, cafes and food shacks. If you our want advice, start with the best… Jamaican Jerk, rich in flavor and styled by the peoples who have over the centuries made it their home. We have taken the key ingredients of the Jamaican Jerk and re-styled it for your ‘at home’ eating pleasure. Versatility is the key to this product: pan fry, broil or barbecue, the choice is yours. All we suggest is that you cook with joy!

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