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Japanese Teriyaki Chicken


3-4 20mins

The flavors and foods of Japan seem to be so simple that you could be forgiven for thinking that just about anyone could throw a bento box together. Yet like most things in Japan; simple, elegant and delicate takes knowledge and skills; and then a whole lot of understanding about the relationship between food, nature and the ever-unfolding seasons.

What becomes apparent over time is none of this is serendipitous; food styling and presentation, complementary flavors and textures come together beautifully, served in small and assorted bowls and plates. And there is always enough – always!

Piqued your interest? How better to satisfy that, but to start with your own style of Teriyaki served with a bowl of fragrant rice and a side of sweet Asian pickles. Just take a leaf from the Japanese and cook with joy.

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