Memphis Style Pan Seared Hanger Steak






1 x 7 oz pack Street Kitchen Sweet & Smokey Memphis Style BBQ seasoning and sauce

2 ½ lb hanger steak, trimmed, membrane removed and cut in half lengthwise

1 tablespoon vegetable oil

Thick cut fries and coleslaw to serve


Sprinkle and rub the Memphis Style BBQ seasoning sachet over both sides of the hanger steaks and brush lightly with vegetable oil.

Preheat a cast iron char-grill pan over high heat.

When pan is hot and shimmering, add steaks and cook 3-4 minutes.

Flip steak over, if seared properly, it will pull away easily without tearing. If it begins to tear, leave a further 1-2 minutes.

Cook 2-3 minutes for a medium-rare steak. Add additional time as needed for a thicker or more well-done steak.

Once your steak is cooked to your liking, remove and loosely cover with foil, rest for 10 minutes. Slice steak thinly against the grain.

Arrange steak onto a serving platter and pour over a little of the Memphis Style BBQ sauce. Pour remaining into a serving bowl. Serve with thick cut fries and coleslaw.


  • Cooking times for a steak will vary based on the thickness, size, and shape of your steak. For best success, use a meat thermometer.
  • You’ll want to remove your steak from the pan when its temperature reaches 5 degrees below your desired doneness.
  • The steak will continue to cook slightly while it is resting.
  • Substitute hanger steak with flank or skirt steak.
  • Rare: 125°F
  • Medium-rare: 135°F
  • Medium: 145°F
  • Medium-well: 150°F