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Moroccan Lemon Chicken


3-4 20mins

There is a beautiful mystery to the Moroccan medinas; maze like streets, mosaic walls, hardworking stall vendors, fine wares, hectic crowds, and the wafting scent of spices, foods and mint tea. It’s like a kaleidoscope reflecting the people, cultures and nations, which have influenced day-to-day life on these busy streets. And while food from the souk is invitingly good, you may find, too soon, you have reached your fill of sweet mint tea, delicious snacks and bustling cafes. Like locals you’ll romance over a warm spiced dish served fresh with the gossip and chatter of home. If life was less busy you may take the time to seek out the precise ingredients for a Moroccan meal, or you could simply enjoy that we have done the legwork; all you have to do is add your choice of fresh ingredients and cook with joy.

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