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Mee Goreng Noodle Kit


2 20mins

Here is the essence of street food: the sound of the sizzle, the flash of the fire and the ever so inviting fragrance of freshly cooked food. A dish prepared over and over. The difference is the vendor’s secret and they might even tell you for a price-and they’ll say, ‘it’s just a dash of something special’.

The Indonesians know exactly what we are on about. Mee Goreng simply translates to fried noodles cooked with meat and vegetables. But it is a bounty with just about everyone having a favourite. It’s now your turn to make it your favourite at home. Simply take our Mee Goreng Noodle Kit and blend it with your choice of meat and vegetables, flashed in a pan, it’s so quick and easy. Just don’t forget that other essential – please cook with joy!

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